session 2

The voyage continues as our party now must solve the murder before the ship docks or risk Savings taking the fall for the crime our bard Kyf drunkenly makes a round of the ship asking questions while the warlock investigates the crime. The captain has the bodies locked away under guard in Bealin’s room. The next day Jerith and Kyf persistently try different paths Kyf sneaks into the room to search the bodies while Jerith speaks to the ships dwarven engine master Orta. Kyf has a run in with an odd rat and discovers that each of the deceased suffers from different poisons as well as injuries from 3 different weapons. After many hours locked in the makeshift morgue she is released by Elarra who wants to help the group and protect her captains honor. Meanwhile Dagon entertains a trio of Halflings looking for answers. Making little headway until a strange rat appears and the trio desperately try to catch it. Little adds up at this point, what is really going on aboard the Sherek?



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