Faiths and faithful

The faith of unity

While many religions exist in westria and small followings exist in Eras. The dominant one is the Unity which believes in the AllFatherone good from which we came and to whom we return. This faith has a history soaked in the blood of its follwers. Centuries of persecution, until a man named Karreden said to his followers that the all father had spoken and told him to take them across the Argosian to find the Eras’Angil gate.

The children

Though dragonkind long ago feel into thier unending slumber thier touch on Errath is still very much felt. For as they dream the magical energies they possess seep into the world around them changing it and sometimes the creatures who dwell there. These creatures are known as the children they claim to hear the will of thier sleeping masters gathering disciples setting up shrines and alters in areas where a dragon slumbers. Once the children worshipped the dragon Maelsivvx as thier leader until he slew another dragon one if only a handful ever to awaken.

The Gears of Fate

While not truly a religion this belief harkens back to the oldest of dwarven heritage. So it is said that the universe functions as a great all encompassing machine into which all things fit. We are all just cogs helping this machine function as the 3 great gears of fate turn. Even beings whom would be called gods are subject to the machine. This belief does not prevent dwarves from revering dieties nor does it offend those gods. There are no clerics of this machine for it is unthinking, it simply is what it is. There are however those who relate with this notion of predetermination and impartial judgement. These monks known widely as gearmen. Often alter thier bodies with machinery as an outward reflection of thier beliefs. Often cold or seeming emotionless gearmen are not always contemplative or sedentary many do find service to dieties or causes.

Faiths and faithful

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