Session 1
A story begins......

The story picks up at the tail end of a trade voyage. The Sherek is a dwarven made cargo ship crossing the Argosian Laden with goods and slaves from Kural. Making for her home port of Marthan Fol. It was the middle of the night when the vessel came under attack. As crew and passengers alike head deck side we follow the party so far, Kyf a gnomish bard looking to make her way with trade on the frontier, and a young warlock sent by Zeid’gehn for reasons unknown. Having an encounter with a dwarf and his pair of Urak slave bodyguards. Above yelling and scuffling boots are drowned out by a deafening screech as the boat rocks wildly. A pair of giant eagles are trying to get into a deck side livestock pin. Combat is brief but fierce a single casualty to the crew and a handful of injuries before the raptors were slain. As the party returns below deck a grisly discovery is made Baelin and his Urak escort are dead of stab wounds and poison. Worry spreads through the crew as fear of a brutal dwarven investigation looms at port if a killer is not produced. The captain may be forced to lie and accuse the warlock to protect his crew.


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